Ptarmigan is no longer operating in Helsinki.

Ptarmigan existed as a project space in Vallila from 2009-2011 and a mobile curatorial/creative platfom until 2014. We no longer exist as an organised collective, but this website will continue to serve as an archive of the activities produced as Ptarmigan during these years.

Some of the people who were involved with Ptarmigan are now operating Temporary.

It's All in Your Mind Festival (day 1)
music : experimental
20 November, 2009 00:00

Molempina päivinä ovet klo 19:00 musikki 20:00

4e for one day, 7e both days

Friday 20.11



Samuli K ja Juuso P soittaa kuulaan tirisevää luomu-ambienttia


Spykedelian täydeltä elektroniikkaa.


10 vuotta psykedeelistä melua
Anniversary show - 10 years of psychedelic noise.


"Mysterious drones from Uton and Kulkija - bowed strings swarm and hover like a hallucinating cloud of bees. Occasionally you can pick out a piping wooden flute and an undercurrent of electronics and circuitry, but the Aan sound is one of indeterminate psychedelic drone as dense and impenetrable as the smoke in an opium den" - Boa Melody Bar

Illan päättää: RAPA-DISKO


Posted by: Ptarmigan
Jarse playing at the It's All in Your Mind Festival at Ptarmigan, Helsinki, Finland.