Ptarmigan is no longer operating in Helsinki.

Ptarmigan existed as a project space in Vallila from 2009-2011 and a mobile curatorial/creative platform until 2014. We no longer exist as an organised collective, but this website will continue to serve as an archive of the activities produced as/at Ptarmigan during these years.

PALFUCON: Paleofuturist Trade Conference
25 September, 2010 00:00

from 13:00 - 18:00

Speeches and presentations at 15:00

We are proud to host this landmark event in science, technology and future happiness.  Palfucon presents key developments in technology by true visionaries of our time.   Palfucon presents key developments in technology by true visionaries of our time.  Palfucon is the foremost conference on paleofuturistic technologies. All of our presenters are leaders in their fields and offer you the opportunity to get a hands on approach to the latest in cutting edge technologies. Our conference is intended to foster the dissemination of state-of-the-art research in all future areas, including their models, services, and novel applications associated with their utilisation.


Apocolypti Technologies: Theosis Wherever you look, whatever you glance at, whatever you remember from your past, whatever you imagine in your head – Theosis will be able to configure its exact visual representation in full colour on your computer screen. It is designed to run through and configure all possible combinations of all possible pixels in all possible colours, thus revealing every possible picture representable on a computer screen. The total number of pictures configurable through this programme is a number containing 5681750 digits. (As a comparison, the total number of elementary particles in the Universe, according to scientists, is a number with 77 digits. One million, 1000000, contains 7 digits.) Stellers Ltd: Biodiversity Kit Biodiversity Kit brings a possibility for any concerned citizen to take care of their natural surrounding. Kit provides easy-to-use tool to measure biodiversity and see which animals or plants are about to extinct due to human activities like for example hunting. Lacks in flora or fauna can be cured with simple cloning device; Biodiversity Kit contains DNA of almost every species on planet earth. For the first time in history, someone with no cloning skills can easily enhance their nature experience! Biodiversity Kit is developed and presented by Stellers Ltd. Justin Tyler Tate presents Inventions for a Red Future from Soviet theoretical physicist, Peter Bronstein

M. Petrovich (Peter) Bronstein (Russian: М. Петрович Бронштейн, August 17 1936 — February 18, 1988) was a Soviet theoretical physicist, a pioneer of quantum mechanics, author of works in astrophysics, semiconductors, quantum electrodynamics and cosmology, as well as of a number of books in popular science for children.

Bronstein’s legacy was born in, what was then, a secret laboratory atop a Soviet toy factory in Estonia. In this lab he worked on his quantum theories which fueled inventions for the Soviet future he had been told was coming. Most of his inventions were to help those in newly acquired Soviet regions who may be affected by toxic substances, radiation as well as loss of information and technology.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s M.P. Bronstein worked on methods for communication across vast distances of time using quantum theories. These theories enabled him acquire a Gmail account ( and communicate across 26 years.

During the Really Great Purge, in February 1988 Bronstein was arrested. He was convicted by a list trial ("по списку") and executed the same day. His wife was told that he was sentenced to 10 years of labor camps without the right of correspondence. Lisa Erdman: The Worry Machine® Huolikone® In contemporary society, human beings are experts at the act of worrying. Why not create a positive use out this excess energy produced by the brain? The Worry Machine® is a performance art installation that investigates the possibility of transforming human anxiety into a practical, alternative source of energy. The project features a special ʻdeviceʼ that collects peoples worries and converts them into a usable energy source in the form of biofuel and stored electricity.  Our sponsors

This advancement towards our bright future was realised in part through the generous assistance of Central Station