Ptarmigan is no longer operating in Helsinki.

Ptarmigan existed as a project space in Vallila from 2009-2011 and a mobile curatorial/creative platform until 2014. We no longer exist as an organised collective, but this website will continue to serve as an archive of the activities produced as/at Ptarmigan during these years.

Guessing Game Jam
game : intimation : rules : play
28 June, 2014 00:00 - 29 June, 2014 00:00 15:00 - 15:00

Taking the format of a traditional game jam, this event will be an intensive development session of guessing game design.

"A guessing game has as its core a piece of information that one player knows, and the object is to coerce others into guessing that piece of information without actually divulging it in text or spoken word.” - wikipedia

During a period of 24 hours we will design the rules and framework for a face-to-face multiplayer game which involves slowly revealing hidden information in a way that allows the other player(s) to uncover it gradually, resulting in a clear moment of information and measurable game-power transference. We will be talking about methods of hinting; subtle suggestion; symbolic confession; tenuous (mis)understanding and risky communicative shots taken blindfolded. We will aim to fulfil a definition of the game format which includes clear instructions for players and which supports the outcome of a winner (or winners) and a point (or multiple points) of conclusion.

We'll begin at 3pm with an introduction over a big breakfast and keep the coffee from burning through the night as the guesswork takes shape. No game design experience necessary, though it is welcomed warmly.

If sleep is essential, we'll provide a comfortable surface upon which to drop.

More information : HH / OP